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Extract of Dyer’s Coreopsis flowers and merino yarn

Extract of Dyer’s Coreopsis flowers and merino yarn

Hancock Yarns

Our goal is to source high quality yarns with unique characteristics for fiber enthusiasts. First we look locally, then we look Away.

Outlaw Yarn

Outlaw Yarn has created a luscious luxury fiber with the Bohemia Sport, Worsted and Gothic lines. The blend of Polwarth wool, alpaca and possum creates a lush, warm fiber, perfect for a winter sweater or an intricate lace shawl.

Wisconsin Yarn

This year we are introducing yarns that are 100% wool and created with the wool of a single sheep breed. These yarns allow the fiber enthusiast to experience the unique qualities of a particular fleece. All wool is sourced from sheep raised in the USA and spun in Wisconsin.

Now available in the online shop:

A 100% Merino two ply yarn that is dk weight. This Merino is woolen spun, creating a yarn with the softness that Merino is known for but is also lofty and warm! Available in botanically sourced dyes: chamomile, amaranth, yellow cosmos and indigo. The plants are grown organically in the garden, harvested and the dye is extracted in small lots. The yarns are hand dyed, with no harsh chemical mordants. While the same process is used, botanical dyes may have a slight variance between dye lots. The yarns have been tested for color fastness and are light fast (within normal usage).

Later this year we will be presenting yarn from Cormo sheep and other fine breeds.